Designing to sell: Home Staging

home staging

Home Staging, or property staging, stages your house or business for sale or rental. Our services include anything from property presentation, property dressing, decluttering, to design renovation or furniture rental. We style to sell.

Virtual Home Staging exercises are also available in virtual version: we can elaborate 3D Infographics staging your property for their presentation in the online marketplace.

What is Home Staging?
Home Staging is the staging of your property to enhance your sale proposition, the dressing up of the property and maximising of its best features.

The initial visual impact of any product is determinant. Now, we also know that dressing up always enhances the product. According to, staged houses on the market find a tenant 4 months earlier on average than non-staged houses. In property sales, 60% of properties that have undergone Home Staging sell in less than 30 days (Source: and the negotiation rate diminishes from 9% to 3%, according to the same source.

Houses sell 4 times faster, which in itself reduces bargaining down the price. For what cost? Home Staging typically costs between 0,4% and 1% of the property value.

These benefits can be obtained for very little investment, because Home Staging does not imply a full refurbishment, rather it´s a Property Makeover or an Interior Design Coaching with a view to a sale or rental. For example, for a monthly rent of 1000€ and as little as 1000€ invested in Home Staging, and considering houses are rented 4 months earlier on average, the yield on Home Staging would be 300%.

At Ybarra y Zubiría, Home Staging has a vast array of formats: the virtual version is a 3D Infographics staging elaborated for its online distribution. The staging can be temporary, by renting the furniture, or permanent, by buying it.

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This service is also available online.


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