About Us

Ybarra y Zubiría, Estudio de decoración e interiorismo en Madrid

Ybarra y Zubiría have more than 30 years´ experience in interior design, home and business refurbishment. Now, under the interior design umbrella, we are launching new “decoration prêt-à-porter” products to cater for a vaster array of needs and budgets.

In the last decades interior design had become an expensive service affordable by only a few. This need not be so. A home or a small business can be restyled without expensive and time consuming building work.

A swift turnaround can be implemented by simply changing the colour of the walls, the furniture layout, or adding a few elements that will create a new and fresh atmosphere. Along the same lines, we offer several decoration shopping consultancy services, Home Staging to help properties sell faster and better in the market, or Property Makeover for a dramatic design turnaround with a modest investment in time and money.

Ybarra y Zubiría offers customized decoration services with prêt-à-porter prices





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